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I'm a writer, poet, speaker and happiness seeker who is on a mission to help you rediscover your inner joy by tapping into your very own superpower: your creativity. We ALL have a creative source, and this magical part of us allows us to express ourselves fully and find our unique flow in the world. As children we can readily access this power, but sadly as adults we often find responsibilities such as work, family stress, anxieties, trauma or other challenges distract us from this wonderful source of happiness, and it falls by the wayside.

Now more than ever, people are realising what is really important in their lives, and yet they don't always know how to go about effecting change. Trust me when I say: the true answer to finding more happiness will not be found in the latest box set or at the bottom of the gin bottle! By all means, indulge and have fun but recognise that these things are just a distraction. 


All the joy you seek lies within, and I can help you find it with my unique digital course: 'Create Your Happy Life'.


My own life wasn't always this happy and I've certainly had my ups and downs, but I've always had a vision of how I want to feel everyday and the life I want to create. I've gone down many different roads to find happiness and now I'm ready to share my formula with you, so that you can enrich your life and tap into your own creative magic. 

In June of this year, I did a talk for Creative Mornings Derby on the topic of 'Insecure'.


You can view it here: 

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What people are saying...


"The 'Relight Your Creative Fire' course has helped me no end with my creative block and helped to bring my creativity to the surface again. It’s also helped me to learn how to meditate correctly and switch off that part of my brain. Highly recommend this course to everyone...Thank you so much Sibby for putting together such a wonderful and well structured course. I could go on and will go on about this for weeks and weeks. Really can’t wait for the next one!" - Charlie

"Writing three words to describe creativity was brilliant... (Sibby) created the perfect environment for smashing whatever it is that blocks your creativity... an eye-opening experience. Thank you so much!" - Alex

"Sibby's 'Get Writing!' course was a great way to get my creativity flowing and help me to understand how novels are written and what techniques you can use to ease yourself through the process. The writing tasks were really fun and the content was thorough and expertly delivered. Thanks a lot Sibby!" - Ashley

"Been stuck for ages but after listening to you talking on the videos yesterday morning, Sibby, I spent several hours working on my writing yesterday and will do the same today.... so thank you!" - Frances


“What a fabulous evening understanding more about creativity. Sibby is very passionate and it really shines through. She is very inspirational" - Stephanie

"Sibby's meadow meditation was lovely, bringing colourful images to mind and it inspired some positive, happy memories" - Helen

"I enjoyed the meditation...I will really start to get to grips with my creativity" 

- Sarah

"Very well-presented, informative and engaging! Very lovely"- Lily

"Lovely talk...gives you food for thought. Love the bit of meditation. You got me in the right frame of mind to write" - Jacqui

"Lovely, friendly lady. Really enjoyed the talk, and getting to know myself a bit better! I will definitely finish my bucket list" - Sally

“Inspiring, affirming and very enjoyable” - Louisa

“A brilliant insight into what we can believe and how we can feel. Sibby is lovely and makes the whole experience wonderful” - Jenny

“The first time I met Sibby I felt a real warmth...very inspiring. Thanks so much” - Vivienne

“A wonderful talk full of ideas and joy” - Megan


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