What's my story?

For as long as I can remember, I've loved writing and words in general. I used to write stories in primary school when I was supposed to be doing my sums, and as a teenager I wrote reams of poetry, many of which were about unrequited love! I battled with teenage depression but the one thing that was a constant was writing. I'm truly grateful that I had the means and the opportunity to express myself creatively in this way. Even through those difficult days, I loved to sing, dance and act as well as write - because being in that creative space gave me a freedom and an escape from the dark place inside.

During my twenties, I was lucky enough for some years to work as writer on some free papers and also on two beauty magazines, which admittedly weren't my thing but I felt luck to at least be working in a creative field. Throughout this time, I faced other mental health challenges and I became a real seeker, wanting to find the answers to a happier life; desperate to know how to reach my full potential.

It wasn't just a desire but a need.


In 2014, a mainly 'stay at home' mum with an abandoned teaching career, I decided to revisit my long-held dreams.

I sat down at my computer and asked myself: 'What do you really want?' I typed into Google: 'Win a publishing contract'. Two competitions popped up and I entered one of them. A few months later I had an email to say I'd won and did I want to discuss having my book published!


'The Heart Ladder' was published in 2016 by Urbane Publications under the pen name 'Elizabeth Macbain'. You can purchase a signed copy from me - just drop me an email! Or it's available from Amazon - just click on the logo on the front cover. 

As well as developing my flagship online course 'Create Your Happy Life', I'm currently working on my second novel, 'Ocean', due out sometime in Spring 2021, and a non-fiction book about my own journey to happiness entitled: 'The CLEAR Way to Happy'. This journey of exploration has taken me from Buddhism to Reiki to Reflexology, meditation, and more recently the Law of Attraction, mindfulness and neuroscience.


Underpinning all this is my firm belief that creativity is innate and indeed the true the essence of what it is to be human, and when you know how to embrace it, it is a powerful source of joy, happiness and freedom. As well as nurturing my own creativity, all I want to do now is share with you what I've learned so that you can transform your life and be a true expression of your wondrous self.

Please stay in touch and you'll be the first to know about all of this groovy stuff. 

Thanks so much for visiting my site and above all - Happy Creating!



1973, and New Yorker Faith Anderson arrives in England, alone and heavily pregnant. Faith hopes to make a new life for herself and provide a future filled with opportunity for her unborn son. 2003 and Dan has grown distant from his mother, and is a disappointment to himself. Unable to kick-start the stalled nature of his existence, Dan spends his days working in a run-down bookshop, setting the world to rights with his colleague Fiona. At weekends he is often found alone in nightclubs, surrounded by people and life but unable to make a connection with anything he deems important. It takes the arrival of a mysterious and enigmatic stranger to rip Dan from his lethargy; but who is this man and what is his agenda? As truths are dragged into the light and secrets revealed, lives are changed forever. And both Dan and Faith recognise there can be no future without embracing the lessons of the past.

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